Friday, June 22, 2012

Social Networking- A boon or a Curse

According to Wikipedia social networking has been described as " an online service, platform, or site that focuses on facilitating the building of social networks or social relations among people who, for example, share interests, activities, backgrounds, or real-life connections." Social networking has been playing a vital roal in our daily life. But despite of it, it has been a boon as well as curse for the human race.

Social networking has been working as a boon to some extent for us because there are probably very few of us who does use Facebook or Twitter. Through it we can share many things such as our interest, activities, photos etc. There have been many successful support or protest from it. We also have heard of the revolution due to it.It also unites people as well as their lifestyles too.

But in other hand it has also been a curse. As the social networking have many people some people take the wrong advantage of it too. Sharing false news, fake rumors, etc., can lead to wrong decisions. Some people also share some pornographic or violent items, which could even lead to violence.

So to some extend Social networking has been a boon to today's world where as to some extent it also has been a curse. Bottom line to this is there is nothing to separate whether it has been a boon or a curse.